Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Actor -Turned - Musician Roundup

Sometimes, being a famous movie star means you are multi-talented. Sometimes, being a famous movie star means that nobody will tell you when your music's bad. Here are some of the most memorable multi-taskers:

Don Johnson: Heartbeat
Yes, Sonny Crocket from Miami Vice thought he had the goods musically. No, he was not right. Listen for yourself, and see if this gem stands the test of time:

David Hasseloff: Looking for Freedom
Before he made bad music in Germany, he was mangling songs right here in the good ol' U S of A. Enjoy the cheesy knight-Rider Jumps.

jared leto - Brand New Name (30 seconds to mars)
If you're a chick, you know him from "My So-Called Life". If you're a dude, you know him as the blond guy who got his face fucked up in "Fight Club". You might not like modern rock, but you gotta admit it's in a better class than the last two.

Patrick Swayze: She's Like the Wind
You saw him rip out a guy's windpipe in "Road House" - then he wrote a song to make you appreciate the irony of him keeping his.

Eddie Murphy: Party all the Time
I don't care if it does have Rick James, Bitch! It's still representative of all that is wrong and unholy

Steven Seagal - Girl it's Alright
When I found out Steven Seagal made an album, I thought I had found the perfect, cheesy no-talent ending to this list - for fuck's sake, it's Steven Seagal! Imagine my surprise when I discovered It's not half-bad. It's not really my musical cup of tea, but it has a laid-back feel, Santana-esque guitar, and his voice actually sounded pretty decent. Who woulda thunk?!?

Come on - add to the list if other actor/singer's come to mind. Except J-Lo. That's just too damn easy. 

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