Sunday, August 06, 2006

Exit, Stage Left

Good news: I've planned my suicide.

Don't worry - I'm not about to kill myself or anything; I just happen to like having contingency plans for whatever life may bring. Be prepared, I say.

Anyways, back to the plan. I'll leave a simple note - "goodbye, cruel world!" or something to that effect. The kicker is that I'll hold a key in the hand that wasn't busy, well, killing myself. Naturally, the authorities will investigate the key. This key will lead them to a safe deposit box at a local bank, in which they'll find a videotape. This videotape will be of me, saying that if they found this tape I must be dead; and if I'm dead, a certain person is responsible, no matter how bad it may look.

I'm not going to ruin all the fun and say who I will frame, or when. Gotta have some fun with it.

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