Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Taking the military back...

I found this extremely interesting: Out of the dozen Iraq War veterans currently running for Congress, a whopping TEN are running as Democrats (that means only two Iraq veterans are running as Republicans, for those of you who are math-impaired). Wow. That means five times as many veteran candidates are aligned with the Democratic Party than the Republican Party.

But how can this be? The Republicans claim to be the party that represents the military - after all, who coined the phrase "defeatocrat"? Who's been advocating that we should "stay the course" and not "cut and run"? What are these veterans thinking? Here are my three guesses for the Democrat's lead in veteran candidates:
  1. The situation in Iraq is so doomed to failure that out of all the Iraq veterans in a position to run for public office, those who are Democrats feel the need to speak out against the Bush Administrations handling of the war, while most Republican-leaning vets are having a hard time trumpeting the mantra of "stay the course"
  2. Most modern Republicans who'd ever be in a position to run for office would never actually serve in the military to begin with.
Just remember that ratio: 5 to 1. Think about that the next time the Republicans, a party led by:
  • A President who only served 4 years out of 6 in the Texas air national guard
  • A Vice-President who received several draft deferments to avoid Vietnam
  • A speaker of the House, a Senate Majority leader, a House Majority Whip and a Senate Majority Whip who DID NOT SERVE IN THE MILITARY
a party that forced a resolution through the house budget committee to take $844 million out of funding for veterans' medical care, try to wrap themselves in the flag and claim that voting FOR Democrats is voting AGAINST the military.

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