Thursday, May 24, 2007 Spotlight

No troop pullout dates? /
Congressional Dems have earned /
the term "cut and run"

I've decided to post all my Political Entries from HaikuReporter over here as well, because content is content.

After all the cheerleading I've done for the Democratic takeover in congress, it sickens me to see them fold on this just because Georgie threw another temper tantrum. What gets me is the flawed logic in this politically calculated move: if more than half the country wants us out of Iraq, wouldn't taking steps in that direction better qualify as an appeal to the moderate base than the current act of caving to pressure from the right?

I've heard the argument that it wasnt a total loss because of some of the language put in the measure to create 'benchmarks'; my boy David Swanson at makes it clear that these are benchmarks in name alone.

Then there's the line about how this bill is a victory because they're going to push through a long-overdue minimum wage hike. This is an insulting attempt at placation by introducing legislation that they quite frankly were supposed to introduce anyway. At its best, this is misdirection - smoke and mirrors. At its worst, its a bribe of blood money: "would you feel better about our soldiers dying in a war to line the pockets of big oil and Halliburton if they also helped the working poor make rent?"

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