Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Funny Things...

I find it funny that if liberals reflect the views of 65% of the country and criticize a Republican President's handling of our country after several years, they are unpatriotic because they should stand by their president during wartime. However, if there's a Democratic President with a disapproval rating that's as small as the Republican's approval, it's perfectly alright to talk about secession from the union after 3 months in office, even though the very same war is underway.

I think its funny that the liberal networks have an incredibly biased stranglehold on our news coverage, yet CNN gave Conservative personality Glenn Beck his Prime time break, MSNBC hosts conservative Joe Scarborough (and formerly Michael Savage), while Fox News has no liberal shows. If it weren't for Fox News and their parent company Newscorp's holdings of The New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, barrons, Marketwatch, The Weekly Standard, Fox Studios, and Fox Business channel, there's be no conservative voice to be heard. Except for almost the entirety of AM talk radio, Drudge Report, and National Review, to name a few.

I think its funny that after blasting the Democratic budget as unrealistic big spending, Republicans initially release a budget with absolutely no numbers. Then they release a budget that actually cost More than the Democrats' plan!

I think its funny that conservatives believe Americans should have the right to hoard semi-automatic weapons with armor-piercing ammo and pollute for profit without Big Government's interference, but if somebody wants to give legal protection to their love for someone with the same naughty parts, that same government needs to step in and save the day.

I think its funny that a party who claims to be the party of values would impeach a Democratic president for having an affair, despite the fact that several of the congressmen leading the charge were actively engaged in affairs themselves. its even funnier that they argued it would be wrong to impeach a Republican President for giving false evidence in his case for war, even though no democratic congressmen were giving false evidence to start wars at the time.

I think its funny that when a Democrat is president during a booming economy, it is thanks to the Republican who went before him. When a Republican is president during a faltering economy, its due to the Democrat who went before him. But when a Democrat inherits a failing economy, its congress's fault.

I think its funny that releasing documents that state we practice waterboarding after talking non-stop about waterboarding for the past year is an unconscionable risk to national security, but its alright to out an undercover CIA agent if you're mad at their spouse.

I think its funny that Bush's 2004 win with just a 2% margin of the popular vote was "a clear mandate to advance a conservative agenda over the next four years.", but Obama's win with 7% proves that America is still a center-right country.

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