Friday, October 23, 2009

In response to the CT GOP twitter fiasco...

Earlier this week, CT democrats protested to twitter when they discovered that state GOP operatives have created accounts to impersonate and mock them. In addition to this juvenile behavior, they have also created websites using their opponents' names in what must clearly be a race to the bottom of the mud pit. When asked about the twitter accounts being suspended by the company after democratic protests, CT GOP chairman Chris Healy called the Democrats in question out as whiners who wish they had thought of it first, and complained that his free speech rights were being curtailed. In an effort to exercise MY free speech rights and raise the political discourse to the new Chris Healy standard, I've registered the website healeyblog My hope is that, through enough people spreading the word and linking from their sites, we can raise this site to the level of being the top google link for the phrase Chris Healy, Connecticut GOP Chair, and send a message to the republicans that the left is not to be trifled with on social media.
Update: that was me in the comment thread on CT Confidential.

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