Sunday, January 29, 2006

But She has a Nice Personality!

I'm tired of all this complaining about how we're a society that judges others on their looks. Of course we judge people by their looks! You hear all these ugly people talk about how they just want a man/woman to see beyond their appearance and appreciate their inner beauty. What a line of shit - what they really mean is that they want someone better looking to be attracted to them. Obviously, someone of equal (un)attractiveness could be with them without this appreciation for "inner beauty", but they're not interested in discovering the "inner beauty" in someone else of their place (or lower!) on the 10-point scale. Like all those bullshit teen love movies about how the high-school nerd gets the captain of the cheerleading squad after she falls in love with his quirky sense of humor. I'll let you in on something: he does get the cheerleading captain - 15 years later, after he gets his software patent(money, the great equalizer). And after she spent her high-school and college years dating the quarterback.

The reason why we want an attractive mate: genetics. We want to have a good-looking mate so we can have good-looking children, who'll either:
  1. Mate with good-looking people & produce good-looking grand-children, or
  2. Become trophy spouses to less attractive people with money, producing moderately attractive grand-children with material advantages that enable them to secure a mate with even more desireable genetic material, resulting in uber-great-grandchildren

That's just the way it is. Personality & intelligence count to a degree - most people would prefer a likeable, intelligent '8' over an idiotic, bitchy '10'. Furthermore, there's nothing wrong with being unattractive - hell, embrace it! Think about how much time each day you'll save by not having to primp. Find someone of equal looks, love them for who they are, and be happy! Don't write in to extreme makeover about how you need facial reconstruction and a set of pec implants or fake boobs to be a worthwhile person.

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