Friday, February 23, 2007

We won '06, so who needs '08?

Let's see, how can we possibly screw up the surge of support for the Democratic Party before we get to the Presidential election? I think I have an Idea...

How about we have the two main candidates be:

a) The most polarizing political figure of the 21st century, Hillary Clinton (guaranteed to alienate the moderate swing voters)


b) A generally untested newcomer who's name rhymes with Osama

(please notice that I didnt bring up the fact that ones a woman & the other's black- most of the people to whom that would be an issue are probably voting republican anyway)

God forbid we actually try to back a real candidate... hypothetically, a charismatic former senator who served on non-pork commitees like intelligence & oversight, who can get the southern vote. Oh wait... we do have that in Edwards. Not that you'd know he was running from mainstream news coverage.


J.D. said...

Obama is one of the youngest members (if not THE youngest) on the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. If you can tell me how that is a pork barrel committee, I will eat my 60's-style Presidential campaign hat.

And charismatic? Please...

Chris Jefferies said...

I'll give you that. Obabma seems to be doing well and gaining momentum if anything since I made the post. I personally prefer Edwards, but I don't think I'll be weeping bitter tears in my breakfast if Obama wins the vote. On that note, I don't DISLIKE Hillary - I'd just like this election to be a clearcut bloodbath without goving the talk-radio crowd any leverage. And we all know that anything Clinton gets that camp up-in-arms.